NHS waiting times for an orthodontic assessment is now nearly 2 years

Nov 18, 2022

NHS waiting times have tended to have a long lead time before you could be assessed to see if you qualify for orthodontic treatment under the NHS, but the Covid pandemic has seen the waiting list stretch to nearly 2 years now as specialist providers struggle with the backlog of patients.

And, this is just for an appointment to assess whether your child qualifies for NHS orthodontic treatment or not. Beginning your treatment could take another 6 months or more.

This can feel like a lifetime for an anxious teenager.


Being fitted with braces is seen as a rite of passage; it is so normal as to be expected. But not everyone qualifies for treatment on the NHS, even if they are unhappy with their teeth. Anyone wishing to have NHS brace treatment has to go through a thorough assessment to see if they are eligible for the treatment before it can be provided. It can come as a shock to discover your child does NOT qualify after such a wait.

Confident Orthodontics is a private practice run by three of the top orthodontic specialists in the South West. We have a unique level of experience and are able to carry out these NHS pre-treatment assessments for you and in order to speed up these assessments and to keep everyone safe, we can now provide those assessments virtually. For the initial consultation there is no need to visit the surgery – our cutting-edge technology gives us the information we need to be able to give you an indication as to whether or not your child will qualify for NHS treatment or what your other alternatives are.

Should you decide to go ahead with private treatment, either because your child does not qualify for NHS treatment, or because you would like to start treatment straight away, we can help. We will explain all the possible orthodontic treatment options and offer competitive prices with up to 12 months interest-free payments. You will receive a fixed price quotation for the cost of the treatment, so no surprises or hidden extra costs. Our high-quality treatments are available from as little as £75.00 a month.

And, when you begin your child’s treatment with us, our practice is open in the evenings and at weekends to fit in with busy school timetables and lifestyles. If you would like to reduce the time it takes to discover whether your child qualifies for NHS treatment, or if you are keen to get treatment started as soon as possible, please call now for your consultation or book your virtual consultation now.