My experience with Confident Orthodontics was great! Helen and all the nurses were fabulous; very friendly and made me feel welcome and at ease,

I had a brace fitted to my upper teeth as I was uncomfortable with my smile as my teeth over lapped a little and made me paranoid to smile. The monthly instalments of my treatment made it affordable and I was able to meet the payments comfortably; my treatment lasted roughly around 6 months.

I’d highly recommend Confident,  I’ve been given a confidence boost and now smile without being self conscious. I’m always receiving compliments on my teeth which makes me feel great!  Everyone at Confident  was so extremely professional, kind and had such  friendly natures!
Victoria Manley 


I visited Helen and the team for a consultation and felt so comfortable and confident that they would give me the results I was looking for. Sure enough, nine months later I am so thrilled with the results from my braces and teeth whitening, I couldn’t recommend this company enough! From the welcoming friendly staff to the relaxed atmosphere and overall result I am so pleased I chose you!



For years I have been very self-conscious of my smile, so I visited Confident 18 months ago. Nick and his team made me feel reassured they could help and so I had my fixed train track style brace a month later. It was no secret at Confident that I hated having a brace, I knew I would even before I had it, but knew it would be worth the wait. Nick has been amazing and very patient with me as I have counted down the day I have them off from the day he put them on. The whole team are the most friendly and welcoming people, and I have never met such happy smiley ladies at work. They have made me feel better about the whole experience and Nick has ensured I have been as happy as can be throughout and always talked me through what he is doing and what would be next. I had my braces off last week and I couldn’t be happier, my teeth look so amazing and I cannot stop smiling. I would highly recommend Confident.