Teeth Straightening? Which treatment will work best for you?

Teeth straightening solutions that look good on paper may not always be the most practical treatment for your particular needs. For that reason Confident Orthodontics can offer you a variety of treatments to help straighten your teeth and recommendations can be made that will best suit your requirements. These options will be explained to you during your personal consultation. You will be offered the best treatment based on your lifestyle and your commitment to the care and management of the products used. The optimum outcome will be as pleasant a journey as possible to your most confident smile!

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MTM no trace


The 24/7 ‘behind the scene’ smile maker

Incognito Braces are completely hidden from view. These customised braces are placed on the back side of the teeth, effectively treating virtually any orthodontic issue whilst friends and colleagues are none the wiser.


The clear favourite for a confident smile

These custom-made aligners are removable and virtually invisible. Straighten your teeth without anyone knowing and still eat and drink what you want. Added bonus of being able to brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth with ease.


The discreet treatment you’ve been waiting for

MTM® No•Trace™ System is ideal for public and professional figures, people who are athletic or anyone who wants a discreet treatment option. Usually be applied in less than an hour and treatment typically concludes in just 12 to 24 weeks.

wire braces

Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Braces

No more hiding behind closed-lip smiles

Translucent ceramic material blends with the colour of your teeth and resists staining throughout your treatment. With small low-profile design, these braces are virtually unnoticeable; perfect for anyone who wants the freedom to smile on any occasion.

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