Invisalign™ Braces

The clear favourite for a confident smile

These custom-made aligners are removable and virtually invisible. Straighten your teeth without anyone knowing and still eat and drink what you want, no unsightly moments at a dinner party or in a restaurant. Added bonus of being able to brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth with ease.

How Does Invisalign Work?

With your goals in mind, a treatment plan with be meticulously mapped out during your first consultation. Next we make and then send impressions of your teeth direct to the Invisalign laboratories. These impressions will be digitized in order for your orthodontist to work with a computerized 3D image of your teeth. Your orthodontist then plans your tooth movements throughout the treatment. Next bespoke aligners are created and have to be worn for approximately two weeks before you progress to the next aligner in the series. A full treatment typically includes 18-36 aligners for both the upper and lower teeth which will take approximately 9-18 months depending on your individual case. Aligners should be worn day and night, except when eating, brushing or flossing teeth. Regular check-ups will monitor your progress and update the aligners. You will witness the improvement as your teeth gradually manoeuvre into an even and healthy smile making this not only one of the most comfortable treatments available but also one of the most self-evidently satisfying.

“In the past I’d considered having some treatment for my teeth, but with my job as a police officer, there was no way I was going to feel okay with fixed metal braces in my mouth. What impressed me most about the Invisalign treatment was that it easily fitted into my lifestyle. Because the aligners were removable, there was no need for me to constantly worry about food getting stuck in my braces when I went out for a meal with friends.”

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Teen Invisalign

Being totally aware of, and in response to, the sensitivities of teenage confidence issues and peer pressure, Teen Invisalign offers a subtle approach to straightening teeth that is practical, comfortable and effective. Without brackets and wires there are no dietary restrictions or any special tools to keep teeth clean, just remove the aligners when eating and when brushing and flossing teeth and then pop them back in. And if you play contact sports, they can protect your teeth from being injured. Or if musical instruments are what you play then you will not be hindered either. Justin Bieber and actress Katherine Heigl both opted for Invisalign treatment to give them a winning smile without encroaching on their very public careers. But with Invisalign Teen you do not have to be famous to have your own star-studded smile and the self-assurance to excel in everything you do.

Your Questions Answered …

Are Invisalign aligners uncomfortable to wear?

They are heralded as one of the most comfortable options. With Invisalign there are no wires poking, no brackets that can come loose. The aligners sit comfortably over the teeth so there is less discomfort.

How effective is it?

Everything is done on the computer using Invisalign’s software programme. From the digital image, the teeth are moved in a prescribed manner set up by your orthodontist. You will find that tooth movement in some cases with Invisalign is better than with other treatments because it is 100% prescribed – only the teeth you want to move will actually move.

Using the new technologically advanced digital iTero scanner you can see how your teeth will align and what your future smile will look like in advance of the treatment being undertaken.

Oral hygiene?

With Invisalign you take them out to eat, brush and floss like normal and put them back in when you have finished.

Treatment time?

The patient’s co-operation will largely dictate the length of treatment. Patients that fail to wear their aligners as prescribed and don’t care correctly for them, making them more prone to damage, will have longer treatment times. Those that adhere to the treatment will find that they are often far more effective in moving your teeth into position quicker than other treatments.

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