Orthodontic products and services

When only the best will do

At Confident Orthodontics of Taunton, perfection through excellence is not just our mission statement but what we want for all our patients. When the results exceed expectation, it makes our job all the more rewarding. Ensuring your smile and oral health is the best it can be are the most suitably qualified, experienced and passionate professionals, delivering excellent orthodontic treatments and top of the range products.

Personal consultation

What may sound or look good on paper may not always be the most practical solution to your particular needs. Therefore all the options will be explained to you during your personal consultation. You will be offered the best treatment experience and results, based on your lifestyle and your commitment to the care and management of the products used. The optimum outcome will be a fully supported, monitored and as pleasant a journey as possible to your most confident smile!

Invisalign™ Braces – The Clear Favourite For A Confident Smile.

Custom-made aligners that are removable and virtually invisible. They straighten your teeth without anyone knowing and you can still eat and drink what you want, no unsightly moments at a dinner party or in a restaurant. Added bonus of being able to brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth with ease.

Incognito™ Hidden Braces – The 24/7 ‘Behind The Scene’ Smile.

Completely hidden from view, these customized braces are placed on the back side of the teeth, effectively treating virtually any orthodontic issue whilst friends and colleagues are none the wiser.

Confident Teeth Whitening – For A Brighter Smile That Says It All.

Be it in business or pleasure, first impressions matter. Ensure your smile speaks volumes… Healthy white teeth, like sparkling eyes are a sign of good health and good living, exuding the most confident and charismatic you for all the world to see.

Confident Retainers – Smiling Happily Ever After.

Once you have attained your confident smile and perfectly positioned teeth, it makes sense to keep them that way. This is the job of retainers. Custom-made, they reduce the possibility of your teeth migrating to their original positions.

For more information on the services and products we offer, please view this short video presentation.