Metal braces can resolve almost all concerns with alignment, protrusion and crowding. The brace is fixed to the teeth using brackets, and wires are used to move the teeth. They work by applying a constant pressure to gently move the teeth into position.

Metal braces have evolved in recent years and while they are still fixed to the front surface of the teeth, we offer ICONIX aesthetic braces with stylish champagne-coloured brackets to give a lighter, more refined appearance than you might expect. The low profile, contoured design and smaller dimensions offer more comfort than traditional bulkier brackets.

As your teeth move into position you will make regular visits to the practice where we adjust the wires to move the teeth further. Treatment times vary but as a guideline, the braces are attached for around 12 to 24 months.

Fixed braces will mean some changes to your oral hygiene routine and the foods you eat. Our hygienists are available to offer advice to keep your teeth and braces in top condition during treatment.

The NHS waiting list for teen braces is currently around 20 months. From £115 per month you can get your child’s teeth straightened today! Book now by calling 01823 289276 or request an appointment online today.

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