At Confident Orthodontics the whole team live and breathe orthodontics. We are Taunton’s leading private provider of orthodontic treatments and have straightened teeth for thousands of people of all ages. Every day in our practice we see how straighter teeth positively impacts the lives of our patients.

Orthodontic treatment is a popular treatment for adults and children alike. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean which means they are more likely to stay healthier for longer.

Many people who visit us are concerned about the appearance of their teeth and smile. Orthodontic treatment can correct a range of problems from crooked and protruding teeth to overcrowding and problems with bite so that the teeth meet evenly. As well as improving overall dental health, straighter teeth can improve confidence and, in some cases, can even affect the shape of the face.

From Invisalign to traditional braces, ceramic to Incognito, we offer a wide choice of treatments to suit different dental and lifestyle needs. Each treatment has different benefits so if you are considering straightening your teeth book a consultation with us. You can contact us direct. Our friendly and experienced team are happy to talk you through the options and find out what will work best for you.

NHS waiting lists are currently over 20 months, so why not book a free virtual consultation?