Girl with braces

Waiting too long for orthodontic treatment?

Did you know you may have to wait quite a long time for an appointment to assess whether your child qualifies for orthodontic treatment under the NHS?
Digital smile day

Digital Smile Day

Our DIGITAL SMILE DAY is on Thursday 5 th July between 9am and 5pm and we will be using the amazing iTero digital scanner to simulate the movement your teeth would make if you used this method of straightening your teeth. We can literally show you how your smile would evolve in front of your eyes – no guesswork! This amazing 3d technology is not available anywhere else in this locality.

FREE Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular orthodontic treatment in the country and usually costs from £300. As a special Spring treat we are offering it to you completely free of charge if you book your course of orthodontic treatment before the end of May 2017.
National smile month

National Smile Month is 40 years old!

The month long campaign for National Smile Month is now the UK’s largest and longest-running campaign to promote good oral health.
Girl holding a retainer

Ever wondered what your teeth would look like straightened?

On the 23rd May, we are holding a morning for those that would like to see for themselves the difference treatment would bring about for their smile.
iTero outcome simulator

Like to MEET your new SMILE?

FREE for ONE DAY ONLY! It really is possible to see what your teeth would look like if you underwent treatment to straighten them with almost INVISIBLE Invisalign braces! Book now to see what your teeth would look like.
iTero outcome simulator

MEET your new SMILE

FREE for ONE DAY ONLY! It really is possible to see what your teeth would look like if you underwent treatment to straighten them with almost INVISIBLE Invisalign braces! Book now to see what your teeth would look like.
revolutionary technology

Realign your front teeth in as little as 6 months

If you have a special day coming up in your life, and you want the perfect smile - come and see our team of highly trained Orthodontists for your complimentary initial consultation
job Vacancy

Vacancy for Receptionist/Treatment Coordinator

Receptionist/Treatment Coordinator required for private orthodontic practice. Full time or part time hours will be considered. Please send CV with a covering letter to:  Confident Orthodontics, 23 Bridge Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1TQ. For…
Investors in People congrats

Investors in People

CONFIDENT ORTHODONTICS RECOGNISED AS AN INVESTOR IN PEOPLE Confident Orthodontics has been awarded accreditation against the Investors in People Standard, demonstrating our commitment to high performance through good people management.
Child smiling but with tooth decay

Tooth decay causes twice as many hospital admissions as broken arms

Twice as many under-10s were admitted to hospital for tooth decay as for broken arms in 2016-17.
i tero simulation

Ever wondered what you would look like with straight teeth?

Interest free finance

Affordable treatment

Hold that smile with retainers video

Hold that smile - the importance of retainers

Once we have been through treatment to straighten our teeth, we all want them to stay that way – but nature has a way of trying to foil that ambition!
Vivera retainers

Your new smile is just the beginning with Vivera

Studies show that without retainers straightened teeth can gradually shift back towards their initial position; incredibly disappointing given all the effort put into your perfect smile! Wearing Vivera retainers after traditional braces or…
invisalign aligners

Invisalign aligners - effective technology

View this short video to learn more about how Invisalign aligners are made, and how they work.
Confident straight teeth

Visiting the hygienist

Here at Confident Orthodontics you can see the dental hygienist on a direct access basis which means you DO NOT have to see a dentist first.
Gum disease

Caring for your teeth - some questions answered

In this post we look at some of the common questions we get asked about caring for your teeth.
special offer

Special offer for one morning only!

Special offer for one morning only Wednesday 31st May 2017 from 9 am -1 pm Have you ever wondered what your smile would look like if your teeth were straightened? For one morning only, we are opening our doors so you can see what before…
teeth whitening

FREE Teeth Whitening for limited time

Teeth whitening is the most popular orthodontic treatment in the country and usually costs from £300. As a special Spring treat we are offering it to you completely free of charge if you book your course of orthodontic treatment before the end of May 2017.
Girl holding a retainer

Shorten Treatment Time for Invisalign

SHORTEN TREATMENT TIME WITH WEEKLY ALIGNER CHANGES! Now it is possible to give you the new smile you want in half the time it took before.
iTero Scanner for digital teeth impressions

Announcing the end of Dental Impressions!

Confident Orthodontics in Taunton has invested in a technologically cutting edge scanner that takes images of your teeth forming digital dental impressions, so no more invasive impressions.
4 millionth smile

4 Million Smiles

Share your smile with #4millionsmiles and they will help Operation Smile change children’s lives
Confident straight teeth

More Reasons to Smile..... even wearing Braces!

Gone are the days when a visit to the dentist was an occasion of dread – now, with bright rooms, modern techniques and friendly staff, a dental visit is just another box to tick in our busy lives – and a very necessary one
Illegal Teeth Whitening

Illegal Teeth Whitening

Beauty therapists are being prosecuted for carrying out illegal teeth whitening. BBC's Radio 4 You and Yours programme gives a great account of the legality of who is and isn't allowed to give teeth whitening treatment.
Taunton RFC Under 8 Rebels

It’s new post match shirts and protected smiles all the way for Taunton Rebels!

Taunton based, Confident Orthodontics are proud to sponsor the Taunton Rugby Football Club under 8 post match shirts this season AND to have protected their young teeth from damage with a choice of 30 different brightly coloured gum shields! “We…
Pam's invialign journey

My Invisalign Journey

My Invisalign Journey - I am nearly halfway through! Who can believe that?

FREE Teeth whitening!

Free Teeth whitening if you book orthodontic treatment in December 2016!
Ballot box

A week is a long time in politics

Harold Wilson is famously quoted as saying “ A week is a long time in politics”. We are sure that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would very much agree with this as they don’t know what will happen during that week, what will throw them…
Helen wins Invisalign gold award

It's a GOLD for Helen!

Confident Orthodontics  own Orthodontists Helen Griffiths has won her own Gold award this week!   Helen won the award in recognition of her work in advancing the field of orthodontics. On winning the award Helen said, “I…
Adult orthodontics

Rising number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment

New British Orthodontic Society survey reveals the rising number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in the UK 75% of respondents report an increase in adult treatment 66% of adult patients…

The Invisalign journey of a woman of a certain age!

3 days in… So in my last blog I talked about the emotional journey I took to get to the point of seeking help to get my teeth straightened. This blog covers the beginning of the process and how it felt for me. I hope you find it interesting…
week one aligners

The Invisalign journey of a woman of a certain age!

I never had braces when I was a teenager. The dentist asked me if I wanted them and I nearly cried at the thought. I had just moved from London to Somerset, was the tallest, skinniest 13 year old girl, with glasses, frizzy hair and no confidence
National Smile Month 2016

It’s official! Chocolate makes you smile.

Chocolate is the food that makes us smile more than any other says local smile experts, Confident Orthodontists, reporting on figures disclosed by the British Dental Health Association. The practice is using fun facts to keep you smiling during…
Invisalign v braces
My Invisalign smile

New Invisalign App

Invisalign have recently brought out a new app to help you keep on track with your aligners. My Invisalign Smile is free to download from the Apple App store for your iphone or from Googleplay for your Android. Invisalign aligners are changed…
Gum Disease

Incognito Day

Icognito Open Day We are holding an Icognito open day on the 28th April 2016 between 2pm - 7pm for anyone who would like to learn about Incognito Braces. These clever invisible braces also comes in a 'Lite' version for people who only…

Win an Oral B Pro 2000 Electric Toothbrush! RRP £69.99

This fantastic rechargeable toothbrush comes complete with pressure brushing control plus a massage feature for healthy gum care.  It is also excellent in helping prevent plaque build up. Compatible with other Oral B heads (available…
Incognito Lite

Incognito Lite Braces

Incognito Lite braces If you've always wanted to improve your smile, now is the time. The new Incognito Lite system is a brace placed behind just your front teeth. The Incognito Lite brace is a quick and cost effective alternative to the…

Free Teeth Whitening Offer

Yes, FREE *teeth whitening offer if you book a course of orthodontic treatment between now and the 31st of January 2016. Get the dazzling smile you have always wanted. The Orthodontic team at Confident Orthodontics have a wealth of experience…

The confidence straight teeth can bring

We often say just how much confidence people gain when they have their teeth straightened and we thought it may help to see just what can happen in as little as 16 months. The photos within this blog are all real before and after pictures…

Lisa's Invisalign Treatment - Week 20

Yes week 20! I am currently wearing aligner number 10, almost a third of the way through my treatment already. I can’t believe it! I can see and feel changes, especially in my lower teeth. Before I started to wear the aligners I could not…

A broad bright smile is every bit a sign of success as a designer bag and shoes.

A recent New Zealand study found that whiter straighter teeth can make you 10 per cent more employable and 20 per cent more attractive, while shaving five years off your looks into the bargain. Why do our teeth discolour? Smoking, red…

Bringing confident smiles to the people of Taunton

National Smile Month - Special OFFER! Taunton based company, Confident Orthodontics, are celebrating National Smile Month with a promise of free teeth whitening for people booking orthodontic treatment during this month. “Teeth and smiles…

FREE Teeth Whitening!

Confident Orthodontics is celebrating National Smile Month ... and.. Teeth whitening is the most popular form of aesthetic dentistry and from now until the end of National Smile Month on the 17 June we will be giving away this transforming…