Oral hygiene is the first line of defence against dental problems. A good oral hygiene routine will help to keep your gums clean and healthy and can dramatically reduce the need for any further dental treatment.

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When you are undergoing a programme of orthodontic treatment it is even more important to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

A professional clean will remove bacteria from those difficult to reach areas and allow the hygienist to examine the areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush or dental floss.

There are many different styles of orthodontic appliances and they all affect your teeth in different ways, so your hygienist might suggest a few changes to your usual routine to keep your teeth in the best of health during treatment.

Our hygienists are here to offer advice, help you establish a good oral care routine and show you how to keep your appliance in good condition. They can also give advice on how different food and drinks can affect your teeth and appliance, whatever treatment you have chosen.

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