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10 YEAR OLDS IN THE UK HAVE CONSUMED 18 YEARS’ WORTH OF SUGAR. Excess sugar can also lead to painful tooth decay, bullying and low self-esteem in childhood.
Girl with braces

Waiting too long for orthodontic treatment?

Did you know you may have to wait quite a long time for an appointment to assess whether your child qualifies for orthodontic treatment under the NHS?
Confident straight teeth

Visiting the hygienist

Here at Confident Orthodontics you can see the dental hygienist on a direct access basis which means you DO NOT have to see a dentist first.
Gum disease

Caring for your teeth - some questions answered

In this post we look at some of the common questions we get asked about caring for your teeth.
Pam's invialign journey

My Invisalign Journey

My Invisalign Journey - I am nearly halfway through! Who can believe that?
Gum Disease

A broad bright smile is every bit a sign of success as a designer bag and shoes.

A recent New Zealand study found that whiter straighter teeth can make you 10 per cent more employable and 20 per cent more attractive, while shaving five years off your looks into the bargain. Why do our teeth discolour? Smoking, red…