Our new remote monitoring service keeps your orthodontist better connected to the progress of your treatment. Dental monitoring is a specialist orthodontic app that connects our system in the practice with you, via an app on your smartphone.

Instead of making frequent visits to the practice, with Dental Monitoring we can keep an eye on your treatment remotely, and this means you only visit the practice when we need to see you. So, whether you’re at home, working or studying away or even on holiday, this innovative app gives us the tools to monitor your progress.

Confident Orthodontics is the only practice in Taunton to offer Dental Monitoring. Once a week you simply use the supplied Scan Box and take a clear photo of your teeth with your smartphone and upload it via a secure app. This information is then fed back to the practice so that we can track the progress of your treatment and your orthodontist will know exactly when they need to see you again.

Dental monitoring is offered as standard for Invisalign treatment. We hope to extend this service for traditional appliances soon.