DIY braces

Tempted to go ahead with Orthodontic Treatment online because your practice is responding to Covid19?

Most dental and orthodontic practices will be only responding to emergencies at the moment as they follow Government Guidelines and for some this will mean a delay in longed for orthodontic treatments such as teeth straightening.

There is a worry among experts in this field that this will drive people into seeking potentially dangerous alternatives.

Jonathan Sandler, President of the British Orthodontic Society warns:

In my professional opinion, if you start any tooth-straightening treatment without having a suitably trained professional take the time to examine you and make appropriate recommendations, you could be in danger of having serious conditions missed. For me, one of the issues with ‘DIY braces’ is that it offers just one narrow solution when there may be a more appropriate one for the patient. The value of ‘informed choice’ cannot be over-estimated.

 So, what are the risks of DIY braces?

DIY orthodontics involves clear aligners that you buy online without visiting a dental surgery. They are sent to you by mail.

You fill a form in online and pay a fee to get a ‘do-it-yourself’ kit. This will involve making an impression (mould) of your teeth at home, or going to a retail outlet to have them scanned (not available at the moment anyway).

You are then given a treatment plan and the impressions are used to make the aligners. This all happens without you seeing either a dentist or orthodontist.

There are many reasons why a dentist or orthodontist may advise you to choose a certain type of brace over another but they will all be linked to patient health and suitability over, price and brands…

It may be that your teeth and jawbones aren’t healthy enough for tooth movement at this time, they may need to address your bite as the straightening process progresses or you may have an underlying gum problem which has previously gone unidentified. A trained professional, face to face and examining your teeth will be able to access all these things.

The truth is – sometimes it is better to have no treatment than to cause further damage.

Whilst it may be tempting to go for a quick fix at this time, your teeth are something you want to hold on to for a life time, so please think again, This virus will be under control eventually and we can all return to our new normal; don’t make yours painful or problem teeth going forward.