Due to advice from the British Orthodontic Society regarding COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus), we are sorry to announce that Confident Orthodontics will be temporarily suspending the services that we offer at the practice to all patients from 4pm on Monday 23rd March 2020.

We will endeavour to contact all of our patients with future appointments, but if we have been unable to contact you and you have an appointment with us, we will not be able to see you until we have been given clearance to do so. We can provide advice over the telephone.

We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you as soon as the practice re-opens.

We hope you all maintain good health and we wish you well at this difficult time.

Best wishes, The Team at Confident Orthodontics


British Orthodontic Society

‘BOS advice regarding COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus.

During this pandemic, the Trustees of the British Orthodontic Society would like to extend its support to all members and we offer the following advice:

The BOS considers that at the present time the risk to health of patients and the whole orthodontic team when carrying out routine orthodontic treatment is great and therefore all orthodontic units and practices should be closed to all patients unless they require emergency help with their orthodontic appliance(s).

The advice from government, NHS England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland differs subtly and we recognise that we are not a regulatory body. Each practice should refer to its local health team for further advice regarding the management of emergency cover. In some areas, local hospital dental departments will be available to see patients as emergencies and in others, practices will have to make their own arrangements, but at all times practitioners must act with extreme caution to protect the health of their patients, staff and themselves.

For more detailed advice of how to manage patients’ individual needs and the financial impact on orthodontic practices please refer to the BOS website.

The Trustees of the British Orthodontic Society’

Posted on Facebook at 15:27 on 22nd March 2020


Appliance Guidelines

Fixed Appliances

  • Maintain good oral health by keeping your appliance clean and using a fluoride mouthwash
  • With any breakages do what is necessary to relieve pain and we will get you in ASAP on our return
  • Stop wearing elastics
  • Stop turning the screw on removable appliances


  • Maintain good oral health by keeping your aligners clean and using a fluoride mouthwash
  • Wear any remaining aligners for 3 weeks each
  • When you are on your final aligner and you have completed 3 weeks wear switch to 12 hours wear
  • Wear elastics at night time only

This advice will be reviewed and updated regularly depending on recommendations from professional bodies.  Please see our facebook/instagram/website for updates.