Teeth whitening is the most popular orthodontic treatment in the country and usually costs from £300. As a special acknowledgement of National Smile Month we are offering this treatment completely free of charge if, after attending the OPEN afternoon for Invisalign – you sign up to the treatment that day!

At this event you will find out how your teeth will look straightened and all about this incredible orthodontic treatment using the nearly invisible braces: Invisalign.

Confident Orthodontics has invested in cutting edge technology.

With a digital scan we can simulate the movement your teeth would make in order to straighten them with clear Invisalign aligners – in minutes and right in front of your eyes!

i tero simulation

Massive improvement

This allows the orthodontist to obtain a 100% accurate profile of your teeth first time – so no re-takes!

If you are intending to use Invisalign, the nearly invisible braces, Confident’s Orthodontists can send this scan off immediately to the laboratories to make your aligners, which speeds up the process considerably.

The scans can also be used for making removable braces and retainers too.

Saturday 26th May 2018

Book your appointment now to find out what your teeth will look like straightened AND, if you confirm your treatment on the day, claim your FREE teeth whitening – up to £300 worth of treatment.

Whiter Teeth the Safe Way

The simplest way to enhance your smile is with brighter teeth. And a more confident smile can take years off your appearance in an instance. At Confident Orthodontics, Taunton, our professional products, designed for use under dental supervision, are stronger and far more effective than those acquired over the counter. Our teeth whitening gels are produced with a unique patented formula that are gentle on the teeth yet achieve optimum results. With a pleasant mint flavour, these carefully selected ingredients minimise sensitivity, help keep the teeth hydrated and leaves a refreshing sensation in your mouth.

How does it work?

Oxygen bubbles penetrate through the enamel and oxidise the pigmentation within the tooth lightening the tooth’s natural colour. So whether your teeth are discoloured due to lifestyle habits, medical treatments or simply through age, our teeth whitening gels can normally reverse these effects.

Getting Started

You will begin by having customised trays fabricated from impressions of your teeth.


Results are determined by the type of staining and the shade of your teeth to begin with. Most teeth can be lightened easily with great results. Your professional dental consultation will allow you to discuss how light you would like to go. Results can be long lasting with some very simple maintenance.


Did you know that we also offer 0% finance to help you get the smile of your dreams?