The new modern technology that we have invested in at Confident Orthodontics means we can create a simulation of how your teeth will look like after treatment with nearly invisible Invisalign aligners…

On the 23rd May, we are holding a morning for those that would like to see for themselves the difference this treatment would bring about for their smile.

The i-Tero scanner allows us to make a digital impression of your teeth, upload it into the software and watch live as your teeth are re-positioned. This software is then used to make the clear Invisalign braces that will gently move your teeth around until you have a beautiful smile.

The scan will be given FREE to all those who book an appointment that morning.

We took this video to show you just how quick and clever this simulation scanner is!

Within a few minutes of the scan being completed, you can see for yourself how your teeth would be gently re-positioned using Invisalign aligners.

The I-Tero scanner has removed the need for messy impressions.

Book your appointment now and see for yourself just how great your teeth can look!