A real BEFORE and AFTER picture of your teeth is possible – BEFORE you commit to treatment!

It really is possible to see what your teeth would look like if you underwent orthodontic treatment to straighten them.

Confident Orthodontics has invested in some of the latest technology so they can show you what your teeth would look like if you underwent treatment. You simply make an appointment to come in and we perform a digital scan of your teeth as they are today, using the amazing I-Tero scanner. Once that is complete we programme the software to simulate the movement your teeth would make in order to straighten them – right in front of your eyes!

At the end of the simulation we send you a copy of the short film that has been created – giving you a perfect simulated smile that could be yours.

If you decide you want to go ahead with the treatment, we then hit the GO button and your digital information is sent immediately to Invisalign’s production house where your individual aligners are produced and shipped!

We took this video to show you just how quick and clever this simulation scanner is!

Within a few minutes of the scan being completed, you can see for yourself how your teeth would be gently re-positioned using Invisalign aligners.

The I-Tero scanner has removed the need for messy impressions – READ MORE>>>

For one day only…

We are offering you the chance to book a no-obligation appointment with one of our highly qualified orthodontists to have a scan taken of your teeth and undergo the simulation to see how your teeth would look straightened. Our orthodontists will also be able to advise you as to the suitability of the types of treatment we have to offer.

This offer is FREE and is limited to one day only.

Book your appointment for Saturday 2nd December now and meet your new smile!

Spaces are limited.