Don’t be put off – treatment IS affordable!

No matter what your age it is normal to admire a beautiful smile and wonder if yours could ever be that great.

The thought of wearing traditional metal braces may have made you think twice before, but technology has moved on so far that there are many alternatives available to you today.

At Confident we offer what we believe to be the very best choices, from clear Invisalign aligners, to gold braces and ceramic almost clear brackets. It has never been easier to be discreet, or to have an attractive alternative that will let you smile with confidence during your treatment.

The clear ceramic brackets we offer are virtually the same colour as your own teeth and are barely noticeable – see the picture, would you have noticed her braces before seeing her stunning smile?

If you are considering braces please get in touch with us to learn about which treatment would fit your lifestyle and needs best.
Our highly qualified Orthodontists can advise you of your choices, taking into consideration your needs.

Straightening your teeth is easier and often quicker than it has ever been.

affordable orthodontic treatment


Treatment costs for adult upper and lower braces from £94.55 per month

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