The British Orthodontics Society have launched the ‘Hold that Smile’ campaign to emphasise the importance of wearing your retainers.

Once we have been through treatment to straighten our teeth, we all want them to stay that way – but nature has a way of trying to foil that ambition!

Retainers are tailored to fit your teeth and there are different types including fixed (bonded) and removable.  At Confident we supply both depending on your needs.

If you break or lose a retainer it is important to get another one as quickly as possible to preserve your smile.

How long should I wear retainers?

The simple answer is, for as long as you want straight teeth!

Teeth naturally move throughout your life, and they have a type of ‘memory’ and will try to return to their original crooked position. Not only that, but teeth have a tendency to get more crooked the older you get, so by wearing retainers, you are also resisting the natural ageing effect on your teeth.

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