Shorten Treatment Time for InvisalignShorten treatment time with weekly aligner changes!

Now it is possible to give you the new smile you want in half the time it took before. If you are using Invisalign, or thinking about using Invisalign to straighten your teeth or correct your bite you are in for a surprise! Align Technology who make the almost invisible aligners now recommends weekly aligner changes * to shorten treatment times without compromising outcomes.

Weekly aligner changes, prescribed at your Orthodontist’s discretion, simply involve you changing aligners every week rather than every two weeks.

Analysis shows that there is no difference in predictability or refinement rates with weekly wear cases compared to cases with two-week wear.

Weekly aligner changes may reduce treatment time up to 50%, compared to two-week changes- a great result for those looking for a fast but lasting result.


*Weekly aligner changes are recommended for all Invisalign treatments (with default staging protocol) for Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Assist products.

We recommend patients in treatment should discuss weekly aligner changes with their orthodontist before changing to weekly changes.