Impressions are going digital!

iTero Scanner for digital teeth impressionsIf you have ever had a brace fitted you will remember the feeling of the impressions being taken – the soft gooey plastic filler and the bits left between your teeth when the dentist or orthodontist prises the impression out of your mouth!

It’s not the worst experience in the world but it is one we would probably all like to live without, given the choice. Well now you can!

Confident Orthodontics in Taunton has invested in a technologically cutting edge scanner that takes images of your teeth forming digital dental impressions, so no more invasive impressions. It consists of a simple small scanner that traces your teeth and how they are positioned in your mouth.

Massive improvement

This allows the orthodontist to obtain a 100% accurate profile of your teeth first time – so no re-takes!

If you are intending to use Invisalign, the nearly invisible braces, Confident’s Orthodontists can send this scan off immediately to the laboratories to make your aligners, which speeds up the process considerably.

The scans can also be used for making removable braces and retainers too.

For more details on our new digital dental impressions contact us now on 01823 289276