Taunton RFC Under 8 Rebels

Taunton based, Confident Orthodontics are proud to sponsor the Taunton Rugby Football Club under 8 post match shirts this season AND to have protected their young teeth from damage with a choice of 30 different brightly coloured gum shields!

“We were approached by the club about the new shirts and thought we could go one better and also protect their precious teeth from damage as the youngsters enjoy their sport. Rugby is very popular and a great team sport, but it is no secret that it can take its toll on teeth; by supplying the gum shields we can make sure that these children are less likely to damage theirs!” said Helen Griffiths, Orthodontist and partner at the practice.

The team, called the Rebels, proudly turned out in their new shirts and bright gum shields for their match with Burnham on Sea this weekend.