National Smile Month 2016

Chocolate is the food that makes us smile more than any other says local smile experts, Confident Orthodontists, reporting on figures disclosed by the British Dental Health Association. The practice is using fun facts to keep you smiling during National Smile Month which takes place between 16 May – 16 June. These facts are helping to drive home very real problems associated with poor dental health.

Helen Griffiths, Consultant Orthodontist at Confident explains:

“There is a very serious side to National Smile Month – many children are suffering from poor dental health, and require dental extractions because of decay at a young age, which can impact on the development of their permanent teeth. The hard facts are that in 2013, nearly a third (31 per cent) of 5 year olds and nearly a half (46 per cent) of 8 year olds had obvious decay in their primary (baby) teeth and by the time they reach adulthood this could cause significant problems for them. In addition to this, many adults are unaware that they have gum disease. Good dental health is important not just to maintain healthy teeth, but scientific evidence is showing links between gum disease and other problems such as diabetes, heart problems and stroke. This is a great opportunity to get the message out in a fun way that will hopefully have a significant impact on awareness of the importance of good dental health throughout life.

“In addition to this, research shows that many adults hate smiling for the camera because their teeth are not straight or they are discoloured not realising that they can still do something about that in adulthood if they wish. National Smile month gives us the opportunity to educate people about the options they have to improve their smile.”

Free teeth whitening worth £350 for new clients who book or sign up for a course of orthodontic treatment during this month. This offers a great opportunity to dazzle with a smile, after all 61% of people admit to having been attracted to someone by their smile – a very convincing case for looking after your teeth!