What is motivating more adults to seek orthodontic treatment?

A recent* study has confirmed what we hear in our clinic everyday. We know there is an increase in adults orthodontic treatment and this new research highlights why.

Over 100 people completed a questionnaire on why they sought out treatment at this time. Their ages ranged from 17 – 50 years with the average being 29. In Confident we see people a lot older than this coming in daily and there were no surprises in the reasons given:

  • 85% to straighten my teeth

  • 79% to improve my smile

  • 24% to improve the appearance of my face

  • 23% because I heard about braces you cannot see

  • 20% to improve my bite

  • 19% to close spaces

  • 13% to improve cleaning/toothbrushing

  • 13% previous treatment did not work

  • 9% to stop my teeth wearing away because of my bite

  • 2% to improve my speech

Not surprisingly the majority of the people taking part in the survey were women (73%) and when the responders were asked if it was their own decision to attend for consultation 90% responded ‘yes’. Of these, 25% were influenced by somebody who had treatment and 11% felt that in today’s society you had to look good. 3% were due to get married shortly and wanted to improve their teeth before this date.

Perceived Benefits of having orthodontic treatment

  • 79% improved appearance

  • 57% less likely to be self-conscious about their smile

  • 52% improved self-esteem / confidence

  • 24% more confidence when talking to new people

  • 4% better job prospects

  • 3% more likely to find a boyfriend / girlfriend

Reasons for not having fixed appliance treatment previously

  • 19% treatment was never previously recommended

  • 15% invisible of discreet braces were not available before

  • 14% I couldn’t afford the treatment

  • 14% I didn’t want to wear braces as a teenager

  • 7% better job prospects

  • 5% I did not realise adults could have braces

  • 4% my parents were unaware of brace treatment

  • 2% my fear of dentists

  • 2% orthodontic treatment was not available in my area

The rise in orthodontic treatment in adults has been attributed to the growth in discreet orthodontic treatments. Almost a quarter were seeking treatment because they had heard that they could wear invisible braces, confirming that adults are perhaps more open to the newer types of treatment because of the readiness of products such as Invisalign and Incognito.

If you would like to find out more about invisible braces, or speak to one of our highly qualified orthodontics about your teeth, please call us for a no obligation consultation.

  • Source: Pabari S, Moles DR, Cunningham SJ. Assessment of motivation and psychological characteristics of adult orthodontic patients