Do you struggle with the length of time you should brush your teeth for?

Well – guess what? There’s an App for that! 

Oral hygiene during Orthodontic treatment is vital. If a patient has poor oral hygiene gum disease can set in and decalcification may occur.

Finding a solution to this has always been a problem if motivation low. This new App is now being recommended by the NHS as it provides a patient-facing version of the Public Health England toolkit ‘Delivering Better Oral Health’ and gives age specific tips such as:

‘spitting out after brushing and not rinsing to maintain fluoride concentration levels’

The App also links to YuuTube videos which explain how you should brush your teeth, floss and interdental brush techniques.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth for 2 minutes and that can seem like a very long time so this App, called Brush DJ will play your favourite music for exactly the right length of time for teeth brushing.
You can set daily reminders for reluctant brushers, pick your music from your favourite tracks or even set your own track list. And, it will remind you when your next dental appointment is due.
Remembering when you last replaced your toothbrush, or the head on your electric toothbrush, is always a challenge, but not anymore, if you record the change in the app – it will tell you when you are due to replace them!
With tooth decay in children at an all time high in the UK, this handy little App may well help motivate little people into regular oral hygiene habits as they are entertained by their favourite tunes.

View the video below to find out more about this useful little App.