My Invisalign smile

Invisalign have recently brought out a new app to help you keep on track with your aligners.

My Invisalign Smile is free to download from the Apple App store for your iphone or from Googleplay for your Android.

Invisalign aligners are changed in two weekly intervals and the app’s image function includes a built-in guide to allow users to capture consistently positioned camera shots of their face, their smile and their teeth as they transition towards their final, corrected position. These shots build up into a gallery to allow the person undergoing treatment to compare their changing teeth, side-by-side to see exactly how their new smile is taking shape.

It is also possible to create powerful time-lapse videos which display the user’s teeth transformation story as it unfolds, capturing and demonstrating just how far they have progressed as their dentition moves incrementally over the weeks.

The app also allows you to set reminders for when you need to change your aligner and also for any appointments with your Orthodontist.

The App is an exciting addition to your Invisalign treatment as this will allow you to share your photographs and videos with friends and family if you should choose. It is also reassurance for you that your teeth are actually moving. We often have patients (myself included!) that are dubious that the treatment is working as it is so subtle and gentle but once we compare their start and present photographs they are soon reassured.

My treatment is now at aligner number 28 out of 37. That equates to 13 months out of 18. It is so naturally a part of my daily routine that I think I may miss them once I am finished!! Friends and family are really noticing the changes now and I have found a new confidence with my smile.

We are starting to approach the stage of treatment now that the final changes are taking place. The next stage then is for Jenny and I to look together with a critical eye and decide if any further minor details could be made. This is what we call Refinement.

Not every patient chooses to have Refinement, they are perfectly happy with the result. Other patients strive for perfection. If a patient chooses to have Refinement then the process is to remove all of the attachments and take new impressions which are then sent to Invisalign to make a new Clin check and Refinement aligners. The number of aligners vary depending on how much more movement you require. The whole process is included in the original quote for treatment so therefore there is no extra cost to the patient.

If you are currently wearing Invisalign then why not try out the new App My Invisalign Smile.

If you are interested in having Invisalign treatment then give us a call and we will happily book you in for a complimentary consultation so you too can have a perfect and confident smile.

Kind regards