Are you really sure you don’t have gum disease?

Gum disease is extremely common and affects 3 out of 4 adults over the age of 35 in the UK.

The main symptoms of gum disease are sore, bleeding gums during tooth brushing or persistent bad breath.

Gum disease, not tooth decay, is the biggest cause of tooth loss and it isn’t just something that happens later in life, more than half of teenagers have some form of gum disease.

Smoking causes 50% of all cases of gum disease in the UK.

Are you still sure you don’t have gum disease?

Gum disease is very difficult to diagnose and is often missed until it becomes a real problem, by which time very thorough management of the disease is needed to ensure that you retain your teeth and regain good oral health. It is also often an indicator of other medical condition such as stroke, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Not everyone belongs to the same risk group and a number of factors can play their part in contributing to that risk, including genetics, oral hygiene, diabetes, smoking and pregnancy.

Spyridon Siakoufis fighting gum diseaseAt Confident Orthodontics Spyridon Siakoufis, is their dental practitioner with a Masters Degree in Periodontology. He has worked in this field since qualifying with an MSc from the University of Central Lancashire in 2013, having already practiced dentistry for 10 years.

Spyridon’s job is to educate patients on the cause of the problems, diagnose this often hard to detect disease and to work with patients offering an effective treatment plan.

“Your mouth is the gateway to your body and gum disease, if left untreated, can create other medical problems.”

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