We follow Lisa’s Invisalign journey and she shares a tip or two on how to care for your Invisalign aligners.

I am now on aligner 17 out of 37, week 34 out of 74 –  almost halfway through my treatment!

Everything is moving to plan and Invisalign has become a subconscious part of my everyday routine.

So what does my everyday routine consist of?

When I get up in the morning I remove my aligners and give them a gentle scrub with a spare toothbrush and some everyday soap. I rinse them well in cold water (remember the aligners are heat sensitive) and then pop them in my case. I also give them a refreshing soak in Effervess after the first week of wear of each aligner. Once I have had my breakfast and the all important cup of tea to get me going, I clean my teeth and pop the aligners back in and I am good to go.

Whenever I eat or drink anything during the day I always put my aligners in my case and clean my teeth after meal times. When you start Invisalign treatment you are provided with two storage cases, I tend to keep one at home and one in my bag so that I always have one available. The golden rule is, if the aligners are not in your mouth they should be in your case.

It sounds like bit of a chore but believe me it soon becomes second nature and you don’t even give it a thought. And most of all it is worth it. Here is the most up to date picture of my lower teeth compared (on the right hand side) with the starting picture (left) and I think you will agree you can see a huge difference already and I am only halfway through.



before treatment