Yes week 20! I am currently wearing aligner number 10, almost a third of the way through my treatment already. I can’t believe it!

I can see and feel changes, especially in my lower teeth. Before I started to wear the aligners I could not get anything between my teeth to clean, not even the narrowest of floss. My teeth have moved so much already that I can now get floss in the gaps and even Tepe brushes between some of them.

At my latest appointment Jenny started the IPR (Interproximal Reduction) that I had been dreading all along. All of the patients that were reassuring me that I would be ok were telling the truth! Using a flexible diamond strip Jenny gently filed between the teeth which are charted on my Clincheck each needing 0.5mm reduction in total by the end of treatment.

As far as my daily routine wearing the aligners, it comes automatically now. It’s nice to compare notes with patients and share tips and tricks and be able to reassure any patients considering Invisalign.

Here are the photographs that were taken in February compared to July to show the movement achieved in 5 months.



Dental Nurse at Confident Orthodontics